Ever Feel Like Your Life is a Disaster Movie?

Are you stressed out, burned out, or bottomed out by the events of your life?

Does your past haunt you…because of what you’ve done or what others have done to you?

ALT_3DLg_1 Meet Judy A. Krause, an ordinary woman with an extraordinary story to tell. In her presentations and her new book, A Life Transformed: One woman’s journey from tears to joy, you’ll hear an unforgettable story of overcoming which will inspire you and give you tools to bring more joy into your life, no matter what the circumstances. Filled with humor and pathos, Judy’s story will help you believe that your life can be better. Plus, you’ll discover how to transform your challenges into happiness. Audiences will laugh and cry when they hear Judy…and be forever changed for the better. When you read her book or hear Judy speak, you will tap into a new sense of strength, possibility, and joy. Judy’s hard-won wisdom shines brightly in her book and her presentations, where she shares:

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Patricia Drain

A Life Transformed is a book you will never forget. In this book, Judy shares her story with bravery, courage, and a heart to help others. As a champion of women’s success, I applaud how Judy has overcome her past and built a life and business of which she can be proud. Read this empowering story and learn how you, too, can transform your life.~Patricia Noel Drain, Business Mentor and author of 7 books, www.patriciadrain.com

Susan Ascher

Judy Krause is a successful professional woman. Looking at her, you’d never realize she had a past full of seemingly insurmountable challenges. When you read her story, A Life Transformed, you will go on a remarkable journey and discover powerful tips you can use to improve your life, no matter what challenges you face. Susan Ascher, author of Dude, Seriously, It’s Not All About You, www.aschergroup.com

Jo Hausman

Judy has experienced so much in her life that she could be a bitter person but instead she is a positive fun-loving woman who has so much energy and zest for life. Her book A Life Transformed proves that anyone can overcome adversity and become a true leader. She has a passion for helping others and it shows. Words cannot describe what a blessing Judy is to have in our lives. ~ Jo Hausman, Business Owner, www.SimmonsVirtualAssistant.com


I’m in the business of screening people for employment so I can read people quickly. When I met Judy, I could immediately sense, she had a special message for people. She seemed a divine woman with the power to support and transform lives. Now that I’ve read, A Life Transformed, I can understand why Judy gave me the power to go to her about my troubles. This amazing story will help you look at your own life and realized that you have great potential, no matter what your situation or challenge. Highly recommended.~Elvis Huerta, Business Owner, www.smarthireca.com


Judy has been a great inspiration to me. We met when I was beginning a very hard chapter in my life, I had just moved to Arizona and was far

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from my loved ones, no job and surrounded by strangers. Judy guided me through some very tough patches, and taught me to have more faith in my own abilities. Judy’s guidance and support helped me to not only learn how to begin a new career and effectively start my own business, but she also taught me independence and self-reliance. Today, I am in my second year of running a successful business, happily married, scheduled to graduate from college in 6 months, and financially able to help my children. Judy’s support and guidance, I accomplished these things quickly, in a healthy and enjoyable manner. I am very grateful for Judy’s insight and her willingness to help. She is the perfect example of a heavenly sister.”~ Susana Madrid-Gallegos, CEO – SG Sales & Marketing Inc, www.sgsalesandmarketing.com

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